Rule Clarifications

Catching objects thrown in combat

  • ready an action
  • be stood in the flightpath

Tenser’s floating disc

  • exerts downward pressure
  • duration

Forced movement out of pits (Shout of Triumph)

  • PHB p.285 : “You can’t move the target vertcially”

Sustain minor between encounters

  • PHB p278 : “Unless a description says otherwise, you can sustain a
    power with a sustained duration for as long as 5 minutes.
    However, you can’t rest while sustaining a power,
    so you can’t regain the use of your encounter powers or
    second wind until you stop sustaining a power.”
  • PHB p263 : “No Strenuous Activity: You have to rest during a
    short rest. You can stand guard, sit in place, ride on a
    wagon or other vehicle, or do other tasks that don’t
    require much exertion.”

Virtue of Valour (Bard)

  • temp HP can only be granted once per round


Rules Compendium p316: “A creature that has telepathy can communicate mentally with any creature that has a language, even if they don’t share the language. The other creature must be within line of effect and within a specified range. Telepathy allows for two-way communication.”

For clarity I have added the Line of Effect rules below. The way I read the above is that it allows you to:

  • communicate with creatures with whom you don’t share a language
  • communicate silently

It states that “Telepathy allows two-way communication”, so the creature can respond if it chooses to do so but you can’t read its thoughts without it choosing to reveal them to you.

Line of Effect

“You can target a creature or a square if there’s an unblocked path between it and you — that is, if you have line of effect to it. If every imaginary line you trace to a target passes through or touches a solid obstacle, you don’t have line of effect to the target. Fog, darkness, and other types of obscured squares block vision, but they don’t block line of effect. If you hurl a fireball into a pitch-black room, you don’t have to see your enemies for the fireball to hit them. In contrast, you can see through a transparent wall of magical force, but you don’t have line of effect through it. You can see the snarling demon on the other side, but the wall blocks attacks.”

Rule Clarifications

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