Rakros's Wishlist

Level 10 Item: Diamond Cincture
Property: +1 Fort, One Diamond
Power (At-Will, Healing) Minor Action: When you use this power, spend a healing surge, one Diamond cracks, reducing enh bonus by 1. Can’t use if no diamonds, extended rest restores 1 diamond.

Level 9 Item: Greataxe of Oaths Fulfilled
Enh: +2 Attack & Damage
Crit: +1d6 per plus
Property: When you reduce oath of enmity target to 0 hp, your next attack before end of next turn deal extra 1d6 per plus.

Level 9 Item: Cloak of Distortion
Enhancement: +2 Fortitude, Reflex & Will
Property: +2 All Defences from ranged attack more than 5 squares away

Level 8 Item: Safewing Amulet
Enhancement: +2 Fortitude, Reflex & Will
Property: When falling, reduce distance fallen by 20 feet.

Level 8 Item: Carnage Greataxe
Enh: 2 Attack & Damage
Crit: 1d12
Prop: When you roll the max result on a damage die, takes extra dmg equal to twice enh (

Level 7 Item: Vicious Greataxe
Enh: +2 Attack & Damage
Crit: +2d12 damage

Level 7 Item: Boots of the Fencing Master
Property: When shift, gain +1 AC & Reflex until end of next turn
Power(Encounter) Minor Action. Shift 2 squares.

Level 6 Item: Iron Armbands of Power
Property: +2 Damage bonus to melee rolls.

Rakros's Wishlist

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