Encounter Recap

Rescue At Rivenroar – Adventure One

Session One

Bar Fight
The Ogre Bombardier
The Summons (skill challenge, negotiations with Eoffram Troyas)
Interrogating Morrik (skill challenge)
Tracking The Goblins (skill challenge)
Kruthik Ambush

Session Two

Chamber of Flame Unbound (first encounter in Castle Rivenroar, the one with the moving braziers)
Goblin Warren (with the pits, har har)
Portal Room (ochre jelly and spectres)
Von Urstadt Crypt (gnomes and magma claws)
Spiderweb Landing (Bob’s bumming at the hands of the ettercaps)

Session Three

Fresco Chamber (displacer beast statues, underwhelming dire rats)
Von Jallach Crypt (Needlefang Drake Swarms of pain, grid of magic squares of pain)
Mushroom Chamber
Sinruth’s Abode

Encounter Recap

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